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Paint Rooms

Middle East Equipment Supplies provide Industrial size and industrial capacity Paint Rooms.


Where your requirements are beyond a standard modular range we will work with you to specify a turnkey Industrial Paint Room solution.


Our combined knowledge will ensure that your Industrial Paint Room is fit for purpose and allows for a high production capacity with continuous waste removal and minimised periodic maintenance downtime.


Spray Booth Extraction & Booth Extraction Systems

Spray Booth Extraction chambers are ideally suited for general factory extraction duties; they can be used singularly or banked together to form complete walls of extraction. Fans can be sized to meet individual room dimension, but are supplied as standard with a 0.7 M/sec face velocity. Manufactured from modular components we offer a choice of single, double or triple height filtration, and standard widths from 1.1 to 6.6 meters.

Spray Booth Filters

Concertina Filters

Our Spray Booth filter Media is produced to a high standard specification. The Spray Booth Filter has a bright white face and is treated with a water resistant coating. The unique dimensions of the pleats and the relationship between the front side and reverse side layers coupled with the precise hole size and spacing ensure that the maximum amount of overspray is removed from the air stream.


Paint Stop Filters

Our Paint Stop Filters are manufactured from spun fibre and are supplied either on a roll or cut into pre-sized panels. As it is possible to simply peel of the front layer of media together with the accumulated dried paint this media is sometimes referred to as 'soil and strip' filter media or 'open weave' filter media.


Inlet Filters

Supplied in either on a roll or pre cut to fit your air inlet panels our Air Inlet Filters are available in a full range of grades and sizes. We also supply both woven and non-woven bag filters and sock filters in a range of both standard and bespoke frame sizes. From simple dust filtration to medical standard clean room filters we have a Filter Media to match your requirements.


Inlet & Outlet Plenums





The concept behind a crossflow spray booth is to move air past the object being sprayed in order to remove the solvent from the area and to keep the overspray from being deposited on the newly coated substrate. Crossflow booths are typically designed with inlet & outlet plenums, filters, ducting, weather cowl, bends & lighting plus all necessary fittings to complete a room to your required size.

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