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Surface Cleanliness

Bresle Test Kit

The Bresle Test will measure contamination of water-soluble salts and corrosion products on blast-cleaned steel. If these contaminants are not removed prior to painting, chemical reactions can result in blister formation and accumulations of rust that destroy the adhesion between the substrate and the applied protective coating.

Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with 50 Bresle Patches (Standard Adhesion), 50 Bresle Patches Plus (High Adhesion), Conductivity Meter, 500ml Deionised Water, 3 × 5ml Syringes/Needles, Calibration Solution, Moistening Solution and Beaker. Conductivity Meter Calibration Certificate is an optional extra.

Download Data Sheet for full technical specification.

Bresle Patches

The Bresle Patches will allow you to extract for analysis, soluble contaminants from a blast-cleaned surface regardless of shape (flat or curved) and its orientation (facing in any direction, including downwards).

When high adhesion strength Patches are required for testing on very corroded or coarse-grade blasted steel, the Bresle Patches Plus are available as an alternative to the Standard Bresle Patches.

Bresle Test Kit
Bresle Test Kit-6.pdf
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Dust Test

Assess the quantity and size of dust particles on steel surfaces prepared for painting. Dust particles on blast-cleaned steel surfaces may reduce the adhesion of applied coatings, and by absorbing moisture may promote the corrosion of the steel surface.

All items are supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with Dust Test Tape (60m roll), Dust Test Charts (pack of 50) and X10 Illuminated Magnifier.

Download Data Sheet for full technical specification.

Dust Test
Dust Test Data Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.6 MB]

ISO Rust Grade Book

The Rust Grade Book specifies a series of Rust Grades and Preparation Grades of blast-cleaned steel surfaces. The various Grades are defined by written descriptions together with photographs.

Download Data Sheet for full technical specification..

Rust Grade Book
Rust Grade Book.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [3.0 MB]
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