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Abrasive Recovery Systems

Fixed Abrasive Vaccum Recovery Unit

An economic and compact unit, the IND200P consists of a small hopper sunk into the blastroom floor, abrasive silo and vacuum producing unit. The system allows for up to three hours continuous production before recovery of media is required. Expended media is manually swept into the hopper and retrieved by vacuum into the silo and blast machine. During this process the recycled abrasive is cleaned and fines, dust and oversize contamination are separated from the reusable media. This low cost system is the ideal way to convert from an expendable blast media to a full recyclable system.

Bucket Elevator with Separator 

 Belt and Bucket Elevator System is a heavy duty grit recycling unit, coupled to an abrasive separator which is designed to continuously remove large amounts of contamination. The heavy-duty nature of this system enables multiple operators to run from one unit. The system can be operated with a simple sweep in floor hopper or to increase production, can be coupled to a under-floor scraper or screw system. The modular nature of the design enables the system to fit in most site conditions and requires minimal foundation work.

Portable Abrasive Systems - Munkebo 

The Munkebo abrasive vacuum recovery system is electrically powered and designed to substantially reduce abrasive retrieval and site cleaning costs. The units are driven by a high powered induction electric motor coupled to a heavy duty vacuum pump. The cyclone filter section is fitted with safety relief valve and automatically sequenced reverse pulse jet filter system. Only clean air is vented to atmosphere and the separated dust is accumulated in the waste bin for easy removal. Various sizes of Munkebo systems are available to suit site conditions, abrasive types and different recovery rates.

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Portable - Clemvac system

An air operated vacuum system for removal of spent abrasive from inaccessible or enclosed areas such as storage tanks, box girder constructions, ships hulls etc. This small and lightweight unit is an efficient, cost effective alternative to traditional manual bucket and shovel operations. The portable design and lightweight nature make this a popular choice for difficult site conditions. Recovery rates of up to three tonnes an hour of expendable abrasive are capable when coupled to an air supply of 250cfm. 

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Scraper Floor Recovery System

The scraper floor is designed to automatically recover spent abrasive and contamination back to a bucket elevator or IND200P unit. The scraper floor consists of a series of pivoting blades fitted into a movable frame. The scraper modules move back and forth driven by a pneumatic cylinder to reduce running costs. The blades ride up and over the abrasive on the backwards stroke, pushing the abrasive along on the forward stroke. The media is then transported to the abrasive cleaning unit. The advantage of the scraper floor system is its low profile design which reduces or, if floor mounted, eliminates any foundation costs. The system is designed for low maintenance and does not require any tools to remove the blades from the modules for inspection or repair.


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