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Blast Cabinets

Suction Blast Cabinet

Suction Blast Cabinets provide the ideal cleaning and finishing solution to many coating and corrosion problems. Ideally suited to ensuring a decorative or aesthetically pleasing surface finish across many materials. Suction systems are generally lower in capital cost than a pressure cabinet and use less compressed air, making them an attractive proposition for smaller workshops or lower production environments.

  • Full opening doors on both sides, optionally with vestibule (shown in right-hand image) for wider components.
  • Wide choice of work chamber sizes
  • High visibility chamber
  • Glove aperture carefully designed to accommodate users of different heights and facilitate easy and safe component handling

Choice of dust collector size to accommodate different workloads



Pressure Blast Cabinet

Pressure feed hand blast cabinets are essential when removing heavy corrosion, tough coatings or when high production rates are required. Cleaning rates are up to 5 times the speed of a suction cabinet and are suitable for use with heavier, long life abrasives such as iron and steel. Pressure feed machines are commonly used in high production environments or on applications such as alloy wheel refurbishment and cleaning heavy castings.



Smart Cab

Our entry level Smart Cab is a compact and economical unit, ideal for short intermittent periods of blast cleaning. The scope of applications include cleaning, etching, removing of coatings and polishing of small components. This unique and low cost suction cabinet is suitable with a full range of abrasives including glass bead, glass grit, plastic media and aluminium oxide. The package includes a fully assembled cabinet with a cartridge type dust collector with reverse jet cleaning.





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