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Pipe Tools

Spin blast 

Our pipe cleaning tools are designed to blast clean the interior of pipes, tubes, flues, etc, removing stubborn milscale, rust, carbon, coke, paint, etc. The cleaning action leaves the surface free from dust, abrasive and contaminants ready for the application of long life coating systems. These cleaning tools are suitable for both new and existing installation with complete 360° coverage without the need to rotate the component. Tools simply couple via a blast hose to a suitable blast cleaning machine and are designed for one man operation. Also are available is a range of internal pipe coating tools.



Hollo Blast Junior

Cleans 19mm-51mm i.d pipes. The smallest tool in the range. Tungsten carbide deflector tip fitted for long-life. Mounts on 9.5mm IPS pipe lance.


Air consumption 80cfm @ 100 psi (2.3m³/min@ 7 bar)

Hollo Blast HB1A

Cleans 51mm-76mm i.d pipes. In its basic form cleans pipes up to 40ft(12.20 metres) lengths. Fast simple and highly effective for the toughest assignments. Tungsten Carbide deflector tip fitted for long life.


Air consumption 13mm Nozzle = 200cfm @ 100psi (5.6m³/min @ 7 bar) 16mm nozzle 350cfm= (10m³/min @ 7 bar)

Hollo Blast HB1A c/w HBC1

Cleans 76mm-127mm i.d pipes. Basic HB 1 tool fitted with adjustable steel collars


Air consumption 200cfm @ 100 psi (5.6m³/min @ 7 bar)

Hollo Blast HB1A c/w HBC2

Cleans 127mm – 305mm i.d pipes. Basic HB 1 tool fitted with adjustable centering carriage constructed from aluminium. Lightweight, rugged and efficient in operation.


Air consumption 350cfm @ 100 psi (10m³/min@ 7 bar)

Internal Pipe Coating 

An innovative and highly efficient solution to the difficult job of applying paint to the inside of pipe or tubing. Our Rormaster is designed to produce a uniform layer of paint at remarkable speed and is easy to operate and maintain. Typical coating rates of 3m/min are obtained for most types of paint. In general, these tools can use any coating that can be sprayed by an airless pump


Two models are available ranging from 90mm – 180mm id and 180mm – 950mm id. Both Rormaster heads require a control gun assembly which accurately regulates the centering carriage and paint flow.


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