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Personal Protective Equipment 

Personal protective equipment is the most important piece of equipment in any blast system. This equipment will keep you safe, secure and comfortable during any hazardous process. Everyone’s requirements differ and for this reason we have a comprehensive stock of PPE to meet every application.

Breathing Air Equipment 

CPF20/CPF80 & Cartridge

Designed to reduce pollutants in respirator air supplied to air fed helmets. The filter will remove mists (including oil mist), water vapour and particles down to 0.5 micron in size from a suitable supply of compressed air that is FREE from CARBON MONOXIDE in accordance with BS-4275:1997.


This Cartridge can be fitted to our BAF10, CPF20 and CPF40 range of breathing air filters. It is recommended that the filter cartridge is replaced at regular intervals to ensure the health and safety of the operator.

Climate Control Tube

The climate control tube connects to the breathing air supply of the Apollo helmet. The unit supplies the operator with warm or cool air. Temperature range is 10°C to 30°C providing more efficient working conditions.

Blast Helmets

Apollo 600


The Apollo 600 offers the user unrivalled protection and comfort during blast cleaning. This helmet improves upon the already successful Apollo 60 design by adding an improved breathing air supply connection, visual indicator for low air flow and more user friendly head strap adjustment mechanism.

The heavy duty latch system and peaked rim ensure that the lenses are held firmly in place for protection.

The cape is securely attached to the helmet using a ratchet and clamp mechanism allowing the cape to be removed, laundered and refitted.

All new airfed blasting helmets are required by law to be CE marked as complex items under BS EN 14594, as the 600CE is marked.

Apollo 60

The Apollo 60 CE airfed blasting helmet is the ultimate in safety and comfort. It features a double shell construction that provides air circulation around the operators head. Noise levels inside the helmet are kept low, thanks to the exclusive air distribution. Air is brought into the top of the helmet, passes over the entire head and is filtered out through a knitted neck band that gently seals against the operators neck. All airfed blasting helmets are required by law to be CE marked. The Apollo 60 is manufactured to British standard BSEN271:1995.

Apollo 100

The Apollo 100 airfed blasting helmet is a budget choice helmet offering competitively priced safety and reliability. The viewing window is fitted with replaceable outer lenses and the inner support cap is designed for comfort, essential when wearing the helmet for long periods of time. The helmet is approved by the HSE. All airfed blasting helmets are required by law to be CE marked as complex items under BS EN 14594.


Blast Suit

Leather and cotton blasters suit offers comfort and durability. The leather is used to reinforce the high wear areas of the arm, leg and body front sections where abrasive ricochet is foremost whilst cotton provices a more flexible material for low impact areas. State size when ordering.





84-92 cm (33”- 36”)


92-100 cm (36”- 38”)


100-108 cm (38”- 42”)


108-116 cm (42”- 45”)


116-124 cm (45”- 49”)




Ear Protection



Our low profile defenders can fit below the Apollo range of blast helmets. Should additional protection be required they can be worn in conjunction with bud type ear protection inserts.

Communication Set



Our communication sets are available wired or wireless with push to talk or voice activated microphones. The headsets can link multiple operators to a single supervisor station which creates a safer working environment for your operatives.


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