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Middle East Equipement supply's UK manufactured blast rooms including acoustic booths with excellent noise and thermal insulation, conventional steel panelled booths, and containerised blast rooms, available in a range of sizes to suit customers space & requirements.


Steel Panel Blastrooms

Pannelled booths are designed to be modular and offer the flexibility of being avaialble in a range of sizes. The smooth internal surfaces allow for easy cleaning and efficient grit recovery. The internal faces of the booth are lined with hard wearing shot blast quality rubber and the blast room doors are of double skin construction mounted onto robust container hingeswhich ensure the doors operate smoothly and effectively. This contruction method is the traditional way in which blast rooms have been manufactured for decades.

Low Noise Blastrooms

Where noise reduction is paramount we offer a purpose designed range of equipment to meet these demands. Our acoustic booths are manufactured from composite panels filled with a range of material options with a robust steel inner and outer skin. All our acoustic enclosures provide excellent noise and thermal insualtion properties.


The modular design of the panels means that the booths can be installed in almost any size & configuration. The construction and jointing method significantly reduces build time whilst ensuring that the booth is built to the highest standards.

Weatherproofed Containerised Blastrooms

When factory space is at a premium or a temporary site is to be utilised the containerised blastroom provides an instant and economical solution.


Containerised booths can be based upon standard freight containers which reduces the design and fabrication costs that are normally associated with blast room manufacture. 




A new blast & paint room facility recently delivered to our customer in Oman


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Middle East Equipment Supplies