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Blast Machines

1028NC Blast Machine

The 1028NC blast machine is the smallest model in our range. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 25kg with overall dimensions of 780mm high x 400mm x 800mm. This machine is suited for small projects and jobs where portability is the key factor.

1440NC Blast Machine

The 1440NC blast machine is one of our most popular models. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 75kg with overall dimensions of 1070mm high x 670mm x 800mm. This machine offers twice the capacity of the 1028 machine, allowing it to be used on medium sized projects. The design of this unit allows the machine to be moved through standard doorways and is a very popular choice on stone renovation projects and boat yards

2040NC Blast Machine

The 2040NC blast machine is an ideal machine on heavy duty industrial applications where portability is still an important consideration. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 150kg with overall dimensions of 1100mm high x 820mm x 960mm. This machine offers twice the capacity of the 1440 machine, allowing its use on medium to larger projects. This type of unit is commonly used on bridge refurbishment work, general fabrication cleaning and larger shipyards

2452NC Blast Machine

The 2452 blast machine is the largest model in our standard range. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 300kg with overall dimensions of 1320mm high x 850mm x 960mm. This machine offers twice the capacity of the 2040 machine, making its use ideal on larger projects. Whilst this unit is readily portable it is commonly used on fixed blast room installations and other jobs where mobility is less important.


IBIX Blast Machines

The IBIX range of ultra portable blast machines are designed with portability in mind. The unique IBIMAR range has low maintenance and can easily be taken into confined areas making it ideal for shipping and offshore industries.


The high grade aluminium construction makes the unit very light and at the same time robust. Wheels are fitted to allow the unit to be towed in a trolly form but the IBIX machines can also be operated like a back-pack.

Two versions of this machine are available (IBIX Ibimar 13 and IBIX Ibimar 25) to suit most budgets and application requirements.

Unlike conventional blast pots the IBIX units utilize a unique pistol style gun and nozzle arrangement which doubles as a deadman system for safety reasons.


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