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U Bolts - Pipe Grip Supports

TICO Pipe Grips have been designed specifically to isolate pipes, minimising vibration transmission between pipework and hanger and preventing corrosion between dissimilar metals.


There are two designs of pipe grip, a ‘Guide Type’ with a PTFE inside surface to allow movement of the pipework, and a ‘Grip Type’ which securely holds in the pipe in place to prevent movement.

Key features and benefits of Pipe Grips


Fire retardant rubber moulded components which do not support the surface spread of flame


Easy Identification: Red = Cu/Ni

                               Black = Stainless Steel

Low evolution of toxic gases


Operational temperatures range from -50° to 120°C continuous; 150° intermittant 


High quality zinc plated metal parts as standard, other surface finishes availalble to customer specification.


Manufactured in mild steel BS 4360, Grade 43A. Also avaialble in stainless steel to BS 1449, 316S11


A wide variety of standard sizes.


Accurate threads mean easy fitting 


Provides an unrivalled level of cushioning and support.


Serrated inner face on "Grip Type" provides positive pipe retention.


U BOLTS - Part numbers - Sizes - Types
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